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Supporting Detainees who are Veterans

I am committed to making sure we provided the necessary resources for military veterans who are in the Cobb County Detention Center.


As sheriff, I will establish protocols and identify staff to work with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure eligible veterans do not lose their benefits while incarcerated. We will offer access to quality mental and behavioral health professionals to veterans suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, and other challenges.


We will collaborate with the judicial system and veterans’ programs to assist in securing pre-trial release as well as provide immediate access to pre-trial diversion programs as well as Veterans Court. The sheriff’s office will work with community partners and veterans’ families to help them enroll in the VA’s Health Care for Re-entry Veterans Services program.  We will also provide information and access to community organizations and veterans’ legal services programs upon release to assist in record restriction and legal assistance.

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