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Endorsement Letter: Lance Lamberton

Pursuant to our conversation, the following is my endorsement letter which you can put on your campaign website, so long as you do not edit or alter it in anyway. Dear Mr. Owens: After considerable thought and reflection I have decided to vote for and endorse you to become the next Sheriff of Cobb County. It is a decision I do not make lightly, as I have never voted for a Democrat since I first exercised my right to vote in 1972. However, in this instance you have earned my trust, and that if you do win election, it is my sincere hope that the manner in which you execute your duties will not cause me to regret my decision. My reasons for support are as follows: * Sheriff Warren is clearly guilty of violating campaign contribution laws by funneling some of the money raised during his "corn boiling" event(s), which was supposed to go to charity, into his campaign coffers. As one of the top law enforcement officers of the County,  I find it especially troublesome when someone elected to uphold the law violates it. * There have been way too many inmates who have died in prison during his tenure, and some under highly questionable circumstances. To make matters worse, Sheriff Warren has resisted independent, as opposed to internal investigations into these deaths. * While the Sheriff's department is not responsible for enforcing marijuana laws, I view your attitude towards incarceration for the possession and use of small quantities of marijuana a step in the right direction, and hopefully your views on reducing the prison population for these victimless crimes will have a salutary affect on the criminal justice system in Cobb. Warren, on the other hand, seems to hold to the old school view that such activities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of the harm such enforcement inflicts on the user. * And finally, since there is a disproportionate number of young black male and female inmates in Cobb's jails, I think that electing a black sheriff could serve as a positive role-model for this demographic, basically communicating that if you decide to turn your life around from one of crime to becoming a law-abiding citizen, you too could be one of the people running the jail rather than being in it. Sincerely yours, Lance Lamberton

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