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“It is a pleasure for me to introduce to you my friend Major Craig Owens. Craig was the precinct commander down in Mableton for many years and I got to know him there, and know what a fine police officer he is and I know what a fine sheriff he will be. I ask you to carefully consider the qualifications of all of the candidates in the Democratic Primary and when you do so, you'll find that Craig Owens is by far the most qualified. I'm for him and I hope that you'll  be for him too.”

— Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes


“Craig Owens has an extensive resume of leadership and management experience in law enforcement and with over 30 years in the U.S. Army. His quality of character, and depth of knowledge, define him as someone voters can trust and take pride in as their next Sheriff.”

— Sam Olens, Former Georgia Attorney General 

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“As Georgia State Representative of District 41, I have witnessed few people like Major Craig Owens who naturally possess passion and tenacity for making government work for the people he serves. The progress of Craig’s leadership as Major with the Cobb County Police Department is remarkable. We need Craig to bring that same tenacity and leadership to the Cobb County Sheriff Department as our next Sheriff.”

— Representative Michael Smith


“It is time for new leadership at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. After a great deal of thought, I am pleased to endorse Major Craig Owens for this role. I am confident that he brings the experience, integrity, and steadiness of character that I believe are critically necessary attributes for our next Sheriff.”

— Representative Teri Anulewicz, House District 42


“I am proud to support Craig Owens for Cobb County Sheriff.  Maj. Owens has been involved in the Cobb County community for years and has a strong commitment to education.  Maj. Owens will provide the necessary vision and leadership to address the concerns and needs of our local communities”

— Leroy Tre Hutchins, Candidate Cobb County School Board

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“I am proud to endorse Craig Owens for Cobb County Sheriff.  Our County needs a Sheriff that will make sure all communities feel respected and protected.  Craig is ready to do the work of building relations between the Sheriff's office and the community. We need an experienced leader that Cobb County can trust and that leader is Craig Owens.” 

— State Senator Michael Rhett

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“I have worked with Craig for over 10 years. I can say without any reservation whatsoever, that Craig is one of the best leaders and soldiers I have ever had the privilege of serving with.  There is no better person to lead, train, mentor, and guide personnel than Craig Owens. 

I have personally seen his work ethic, leadership style, and care and compassion in dealing with individuals; it's second to none. The citizens of Cobb County have a unique opportunity to make history and elect a leader: strong in commitment, duty, integrity ethics and service, my friend Craig Owens as Sheriff of Cobb County.”

— Major General Phillip M. Churn Sr. (Ret) US Army

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“Craig is the leader we need as the next Sheriff for Cobb County. Our local cities such as the City of Austell, need a sheriff with compassion, vision and experienced leadership. Craig will help move Cobb County forward. I am supporting Craig Owens for Sheriff and I hope you will too!”

— Devon Myrick, Councilman Ward 2, City of Austell


“Craig Owens will implement community programs, do away with the 287(g) program, and restore transparency to the sheriff’s office. On June 9th, please join me in voting for my friend Craig Owens.”

— Carlos Garcia, Executive Director,

Pro-Immigrant Alliance of Cobb County

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“I am proud to support Craig Owens for Cobb County Sheriff.  For the last 30 years in law enforcement, Craig has worked tirelessly to improve the health and safety of our communities.  

I have had the pleasure of working with Craig and know he is a proven leader with the commitment to transparency, and the ability to foster trust while improving public safety. Craig will bring honesty, integrity, and experienced leadership back to the sheriff's office.”

— Michael Register,

Former Cobb County Police Chief and Director of Public Safety

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“I am proud to support Craig Owens, a Democrat running for Cobb County Sheriff. Craig will bring integrity and fairness to the office.  We definitely need a fighter for justice for all of our residents and that person is Craig Owens.”

— Mrs. Deane Bonner,

Community Leader and Former President of the NAACP Cobb County Branch

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